Olusegun H. Olugbile

Member, National Cybercrime Advisory Council

Segun is a policy expert on Internet Governance, Cybersecurity, and Information Technology for development. He is UN ambassador on Internet Governance in Nigeria, and a 3rd term advisor to the UN Secretary General on Internet Governance. Segun is a frontline cybersecurity policy strategist and advocate . He is a member of African Multi-Stakeholders Advisory Group on Internet Governance working group of the Africa Union, an Internet Governance Advisor to ECOWAS, and a co-founder of Nigeria Internet Governance Initiative. Segun has industry experiences with over 16 years focusing on cybersecurity policy, Internet governance, e-development. He engages in the international, multi-lateral and multi-stakeholders policy process on Global Internet Governance. At UN, he is representing Nigeria and African private sector group in the multi-stakeholders’ discourse, negotiations and best practices on global Internet issues covering Internet Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Legal, Economic, Development, Digital Trade policy, and Socio-cultural. He is the coordinator of UN-IGF Communication and Outreach working group responsible for promoting the values of IGF through community awareness, including outreach to over 150 Regional and National IGF initiatives. He co-chaired of UN Best Practices forum on Cybersecurity and co-organized global main session on cybersecurity at the IGF 2017.

In recognition of his decade of contributions to the National Cybersecurity Program he was appointed by the Nigerian Government as member of Cybercrime Advisory Council established by the Cybercrime (Prevention and Prohibition..) Act 2015.

A fellow of the European School of Internet Governance, Germany (2016), recipient of UN nomination for membership of UN MAG (2014), and recipient of the Office of National Security Adviser recognition award for outstanding contribution to the National Cybersecurity (2015), and National IT Champion Award (2009) by WITSA-ITAN-CPN 2009.