The conference theme is the “Leveraging Emerging Technology for Sustainable Digitisation of Society” and original papers are sought on any topic within the scope of the conference theme, including, but not limited to the following:

Track 1

Applications and Techniques in Cyber Intelligence

● Machine learning
● Expert system
●Data mining
●Knowledge discovery
●Soft computing
●Artificial Intelligence
●Computer Vision and pattern recognition
●Ambient intelligence
●Agent Technologies

Track 2

Applications and Techniques in Internet of Things

●Cyber-Physical Systems
●Internet of Vehicles
●Web of things
●Smart city
●Manufacturing, etc.
●Smart surveillance
●Environmental Monitoring
●Energy management systems, etc.

Track 3

Applications and Techniques in Industry 4.0

●Technology governance
●Policy and Regulatory framework
●Industrial Robotics
●Supply Change
●Management Technology
●Computational Economics and Finance
●Industrial and Systems Engineering
●E-commerce and

Track 4

Applications and Techniques in Information System

● Human-machine Interactions
●Software Engineering
●Scientific Databases
●Security Engineering
●Health Informatics
●Multimedia Data Management
●Web Based Computing

Track 5

Applications and Techniques in High Performance Computing and Networks

●Cloud Computing
●Fog Computing
●Edge Computing
●Big Data Analytics
●Middleware Services Quantum Computing
●5G Networks
●Green ICT
●Security and Privacy

Track 6

Applications and Techniques in Computational Science

●Numerical Methods and Hybrid Algorithms
●Computational Methods Simulation
●Modelling Environmental Climate
●Weather Computational
●Sociology Medical
●Biomedical Computational Science